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Investment Services

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Investment Services for Today and Tomorrow

The most important part of planning for your financial future is organizing and managing your investments and finances today. The City National Bank Trust Department gives you easy access to a wide variety of services to help manage your assets, as well as create the financial legacy you want for the people or causes you cherish.

The City National Bank Trust Department was established in 1976 to serve the constantly changing needs of our community. The goal of the Trust Department is to provide you with choices that help you design a financial program that fits the way you live. It is not only about preserving your financial legacy; it is also about functioning in your day-to-day life. Through our Trust Department, you can direct your investments, have access to customized investment management services, and use the expertise of our investment advisors to help you achieve the financial goals you have set for yourself.

You can look to us for help with these investment areas:

Investment Services

The Trust Department offers a wide variety of investment options to help you meet your financial goals. You have the opportunity to buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds and Jumbo CDs at one convenient location. We will manage your funds as you direct and send you quarterly statements to keep you updated on your accounts. You can also see your investments online at any time.

Estate and Trust Services

During your lifetime, effective estate planning is essential to reduce future estate taxes and maximizing wealth for yourself and future generations. After one's death, professional estate and trust administration is crucial to ensure the effective implementation of the estate plan and the proper transfer of assets to the intended beneficiaries. CNB Trust Department is uniquely suited to assist you and your family in these crucial areas. We work closely with you by listening to your wishes and providing expert advice on the preservation and distribution of your assets.

Estate Planning

We are here to help you meet your crucial goals in estate planning. Whether your goal is to make significant charitable gifts, provide for a child with special needs, manage numerous business, agricultural, or mineral holdings, or simply maximize wealth for future generations, we are here to assist you in meeting those goals. Our professionals help you understand all sides of relevant estate planning techniques and offer guidance in selecting those techniques that will address your unique circumstances. Our involvement does not end with giving advice. We work closely with your attorney to see the plan through the entire estate planning process.

Trustee Services

When a client's estate plan requires the services of a professional trustee, CNB Trust Department is uniquely suited to serve in that capacity. Our expert investment management, our unique understanding of estate planning, our specialized tax knowledge and our sensitivity to each family and its unique needs have made our Trust Department the choice for many families since 1976.

The Trust Department serves as trustee as a profession, not a favor. Family members or friends serving as trustee simply cannot devote the same level of full-time attention to trust decisions as our staff provides. Family members or friends cannot approach trust distribution decisions with the impartiality and objectivity that are hallmarks of our trust service. Naming CNB Trust as a trustee or co-trustee can avoid many potential sources of family conflict.

Estate Administration Services

Frequently complex and time-consuming, the responsibilities of servicing as executor can be burdensome to a family member or friend. Compounding this burden is the fact that an executor must take many crucial actions and make many important decisions soon after an individual's death - at a time when grieving friends and loved ones may understandably be unable to focus effectively on the business of estate administration. For these reasons, many individuals turn to us to serve the role of executor of their estates.

CNB Trust department provides full-time, professional estate administration services. Our technical expertise as an experienced corporate fiduciary makes us keenly aware of the responsibilities of an executor and especially alert to taxes, discounts, efficiencies and cost savings for our clients' estates. This expertise not only eases the burdens placed on surviving loved ones, but also works to maximize their inheritance.

Signature Guarentees

The other products provided by the Trust Department are not deposits, are not Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured, are not insured by any federal governmental agency, are not guaranteed by The City National Bank of Colorado City and may go down in value. Investments are neither insured nor guaranteed by the FDIC or any other government agency. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate. So when shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than their original cost.

Come in and see us. Now that you have a better understanding of our services, we invite you to visit us and discuss your own personal needs. Our E-Mail address is or telephone us at (325) 728-5221.

Investment Services FAQ

Why Do I Need a Will?

You've worked hard to build your estate. You deserve the right to determine who will receive your assets after your death. A Will is a legal document that allows you to direct how your estate will be administered and distributed. By exercising your privilege of making a Will, you can accomplish numerous personal and financial objectives.

Why Do I Need An Executor?

The person you designate in your Will to administer your estate is called an Executor. Choose carefully, remembering that a good executor must be available, responsible, unbiased, competent, and experienced. In our experience, this is most often not a job for a spouse, relative or close friend of the family. In order to effectively carry out your wishes as expressed in your Will, a good executor must be unaffected by pressures or prejudice, and surely not emotionally involved in the situation.

What Are The Duties of An Executor?

Here's a look at the major categories of an executor's duties, but keep in mind that the individual steps may be numerous. You should also know that an executor is held legally and financially responsible for the administration of the estate.

  • Collect all assets and information regarding the estate.
  • Determine debts and claims against the estate.
  • Manage, maintain, and protect the estate during the settlement period.
  • Determine and pay all taxes- estate, inheritance, and income taxes.
  • Distribute the estate as directed in the Will.
  • Give an accurate final account.

Why Should I Choose CNB Trust Department as Executor?

The Trust Department is uniquely qualified to do the best job for you. After all, administering estates is a full-time business with us. We have the experience and the resources to handle the job efficiently and responsibly.

When a fee is charged, it is often the same whether you choose a skilled executor or someone totally inexperienced. We have found in many cases that it actually may cost no more to name us as your executor, but may save your estate thousands of dollars through careful attention to details.

What is a Trust?

There are many kinds of trusts for many different purposes, but they all are designed to assure that your property will be managed and ultimately passed on in the way you wish. A trust is a transfer of the legal title of property to a trustee, while the benefits belong to the beneficiaries. The trustee has the duty of managing the property in the best interests of the beneficiaries, according to the specific provisions of the document creating it.

Why Should I Choose CNB as Trustee?

Handling property is a complicated business requiring a thorough knowledge of taxes, business administration, accounting, real estate and investments. The CNB Trust Department has a high degree of knowledge in these areas and can give you the security you need when setting up a trust.

Retirement Planning

Having enough money for retirement and the ultimate deposition of their assets at death is a big concern to most people. Yet surprisingly few investors have a comprehensive road map to get them where they want to go. The right strategy and asset allocation plan can certainly help. Retirement plans have two equally important components: (1) building an adequate nest egg and (2) making it last forever. Each plan is unique, just like each individual is unique, and it is important that you get someone that understands your needs and desires that you can trust to set up your plan. We have the commitment, the expertise, and the time to listen to your needs and set up a plan to meet your goals.

Individual Retirement Accounts

As millions of Americans have discovered, IRAs are one of the best savings vehicles available today. More people than ever before are now able to take advantage of incredible tax advantages through IRAs.

On June 7, 2001, legislation was passed which brought about the most sweeping changes related to retirement and other savings arrangements in more than fifteen years. The new benefits include:

  • increased contribution limits
  • catch-up contributions for many individuals
  • increased portability of assets between various plan types
  • changes to roll-over rules

What makes IRAs such great savings vehicles is the special federal tax law governing the taxation of amounts earned within an IRA. Earnings within a Traditional IRA are generally not taxed until distributed. Earnings within Roth and Educational IRAs, now known as Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, are generally not even subject to Federal Income taxes. What's more, contributions to Traditional IRAs are tax deductible for many taxpayers. Over time, these special tax features can result in significantly greater wealth than what can be accomplished through ordinary savings vehicles.

Custody (self-directed) Account

These accounts help simplify your financial paperwork and provide access to many value-added services while you make all the investment decisions. You turn over to us stocks, bonds, cash, real estate - any or all of these as you choose. We will manage them according to your instructions. Additional assets can be added or withdrawn at any time; and the relationship may be terminated in writing whenever you wish.

Endowment and Foundation Accounts

These are accounts that provide income to and for the use of churches or other charitable organizations. These accounts may be established for a specific purpose such as scholarships, or may provide general support for current and future needs of the specified charity.


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